Best Web Design Company in Birtamode 2023


Are you looking for the best web design company in Birtamode, Nepal or struggling to find the top website development agency in Birtamode? Among the multiple website design companies, it’s a very complicated task to choose a company that can build a beautiful, interactive website for your company.

We at Techsanjal, with the top, vetted talent of website developers, build a top-notch, high-performing website that skyrockets the online business of our clients and boosts their presence across the internet. With over 7+ years of experience in the website development field and digital marketing. We provide various solutions to our clients that create a valuable impact on their day-to-day business activities and instant growth in their client base and customer relations with smooth service. Contact Tech Sanjal Need eSports Organization in Nepal?

Our core service at Techsanjal

TechSanjal is a multi-disciplinary IT & Website Development company in Birtamode providing a variety of services that are most required for the digital growth of your business. Our top services are given below: 

  • Website Designing & Development
  • Application Development Services
  • Digital Marketing Services 
  • Gaming Solution & Channel Monetization Service
  • Graphics Designing and Branding Services

1)Website Designing & Development From the Best Web Design Company in Birtamode

We provide a multi-faceted service, from website designing to website development. Techsanjal assists customers by providing an all-in-one solution in one location, namely TechSanjal. The services we provide, including website development services, are given below. 

  • Website Designing
  • Website Development 
  • WordPress Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain registration 
  • Online Business Solution
  • eCommerce Solution

1.1) Website Designing & Development Service in Birtamode

The hub of your online presence is your website. Just like in a physical store, how a customer feels when they enter is as important as how they perceive you before they enter. To create an amazing experience for your website visitors or potential customers, we craft the perfect website from the best web design to website development at Techsanjal. 

From the critical analysis of our client’s requirements to delivery. We care both about our client and our client’s customers too. We follow the best practices of web design to develop an exceptional website. Our developed websites benefit our clients in every way, from SEO to customer experience.

So, here are the seven main steps of web development we follow at TechSanjal. 

  • Information Gathering,
  • Planning,
  • Design,
  • Content Writing and Assembly,
  • Coding,
  • Testing, Review and Launch,
  • Maintenance.

We are concerned about our clients’ requirements, so after a successful year of service. We provide the best website development service across Birtamode.  

1.2) WordPress Website Development & Web Design Service in Birtamode

We strive to make our clients happy after the project is completed. Whether it is a custom-developed website based on specific requirements or a WordPress website for your business. We deliver the most beautiful and affordable website development service in Birtamode and across the globe to our clients. Do contact us if you require.

  • news portal website.
  • Website for a Business/Office
  • Ecommerce and online store websites
  • government website
  • Website for Travel and Trekking
  • Educational Website
  • NGO/INGO Website
  • Website for a Personal Portfolio
  • As well as many others as needed.

Our expertise doesn’t end here for website development. We provide all-in-one solutions for the resources required for website development. 

1.3) Web Hosting & Domain Registration Service 

You have finalized your venture name and now it’s time to get a unique domain name. Host a beautifully designed website on your domain. We support ventures and businesses to go digital and scale beyond expectations with the help of a leading website development company in Birtamode. 

Remove the barriers of international payment gateways or technicalities. We, the Techsanjal team, are always available for your business solutions to take the digital and uplift your business revenue ultimately. 

Our service includes Domain registration service and web hosting. No matter which technology it is built on. Or how much traffic you get, we handle it for you and maintain your website uptime and monitor it. 

1.4) E-commerce Web Design Solution & Online Business Solution from Best Web Design Company in Birtamode

If you are running an offline store or planning to launch your e-commerce brand to sell your product. Planning to expand it all over Nepal and also internationally. In 2022, almost every top-performing brand will be selling its products through its eCommerce sites. So, why are you falling behind and passing up a golden opportunity? Sell your product to thousands of customers digitally in a hassle-free manner?

Don’t get puzzled about how to launch an eCommerce business. Start your own e-commerce business with the growth of the e-commerce market size. The team at Techsanjal will get it covered for you from all the technicalities. We will help your business to take it off digitally through a perfect responsive e-commerce website.

We assist e-commerce founders with

  • technology consulting,
  • e-commerce consulting,
  • web hosting, and
  • e-commerce website development services to manage and maintain their websites based on traffic.

Though after launching your eCommerce brand, now it’s time to analyze the website growth. Develop an app for your brand for better customer experience and high customer retention. If you are looking to build an amazing website. Contact us to develop a website from the best web design company in Birtamode. 

best web design company in birtamode

2) Application Development Service at Birtamode

A good brand is built on a great customer experience and service. It could be ordering your product online, delivery, or customer service. Everything matters for a great customer experience. So, to enhance your customer experience, an application is a great tool. It will help your brand get continuous traffic and improve the customer experience while using your platform. Some benefits of having an app for your business are:

  • Increase your revenue.
  • Cut your serving costs.
  • Reduce marketing expenses.
  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Increase your market reach.
  • Make something sticky.
  • Deliver speed.
  • Get Feedback
  • Stay in control of the customer relationship.

Approximately 54.4% of all website traffic comes from people using mobile devices. And the rest of the traffic is generated from the app and desktop version websites. To fill the demand of building a great app for your brand. We have a customized service for your app development needs. We provide app development services in the mentioned niches.

  • Android App Development
  • IOS App Development

2.1) Android App Development Service

No matter which version of software or brand of Android devices your customers are using. We will build an Android app with top performance that is easy to use. Our app will be preferred by each of your customers. Let us help you grow your customer list and make an easy transition to your marketing efforts.

2.2) IOS App Development Service

Creating a mobile app for your customers requires a significant amount of planning to successfully launch your brand. Creating an app for only Android users doesn’t work. So we are here for you to help you serve iOS users. We build the most amazing app for your brand that performs awesome on the app store. 

Apart from the best web design company in Birtamode. Contact us to build an app for both Android and iOS. 

3) Digital Marketing Service at Birtamode service  in Birtamode

Building just a website or an app doesn’t work. If you don’t work for your brand’s promotion or follow the digital marketing trends. Or doing only the traditional form of marketing will lead to high expenses. 

We’ll help you stand out from several other competitors and be at the top. With the rise of online shopping, your product also needs to reach your customers online. Digital marketing is the best way to get your product or service in front of them where they are already engaged.  Techsanjal has professional experts with top-level digital marketing teams who can enhance your online business.

Our professionals are aware of your demands and make every effort to help you get the outcomes you desire. We offer Digital Marketing solutions to assist you in expanding your company and generating more leads than you had expected.

Moreover, to help your business with digital marketing, we provide some more detailed services in digital marketing. They are mentioned below.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Writing 

3.1) Social Media Marketing & Social Media Management

The best and smartest way to get sales and customers is from several social media sites. Hence, Techsanjal is here to run your ads on social media and create engaging posts. We also make short advertisements to make them viral and grow your internet business.

Social media is word of mouth on steroids. Your “followers” can go from customers to ambassadors of your brand in an instant. Effective management of social profiles will enable you to interact with your customers, clients, and anybody else whom you want to reach in a flash. 

With social media management services, you can enhance your brand’s potential, develop loyal customers, and drive additional traffic to your site. Our team of dedicated social media experts can take brands of any size and breathe life into their social media campaigns. 

We follow the following approach for social media. We help you identify the right social media channels to build your brand. 

The digital expertise of TechSanjal will produce an actionable social media strategy. The good news for the clients is that we will create a strong customer base and also innovative campaigns. The shareable content created by the Digital Experts of TechSanjal will identify key influencers and build relationships with their followers and the targeted audience.

3.2) Search Engine Optimization

Techsanjal, with its professional digital expertise team, will make your business appear in the first position in the Google search engine results when the user searches for a brand. We optimize your online business and ensure that the exact and most relevant words for your brand hit the correct target audience. 

Our Digital Marketer executives audit every page of your website. We assist our clients in bridging the gap between them and their customers via online media. We work by optimizing their websites to increase the visibility and popularity of their brands.

3.4) Content Writing

Content writing and marketing via content is the best way to engage with your customers. We can educate and influence our audience through our quality content. Content is king, and we are the king-makers for your brand. Let us draft a unique, high-performing content strategy that delivers values and your brand message to your audience.

 Creating content is always profitable for any business, be it to boost the optimization of a website through SEO or increase your sales through product promotion via content. Content always helps to retain and boost conversion rates on every sales channel.

 The other benefit of having content for your brand is that you can always repurpose the content on different mediums. You can target your potential audience on multiple channels. Let us help you promote your brand after launching your website and app from the best web design company in Birtamode.

4)Gaming Solution & Channel Monetization Service  in Birtamode

  • Monetization of Apps, Website and Social Medias
  • YouTube Monetization Solution in Jhapa 
  • FB Monetization Solution in Jhapa 
  • Live Streaming Management 
  • Facebook/YouTube Gaming Solution

4.1) Monetization of Apps, Website and Social Medias

Are you creating content on your website and social media or do you have a good install on your app? Also, are you having difficulty managing and receiving payment from advertisers? We help content creators and help app publishers to monetize their platforms and help generate good revenue from them. 

Be it a blogging website or a meme page, a gaming channel, or an app with a good number of downloads. Let’s get connected with us to drive good revenue through your channels. Your focus should be on creating content, and we will assist you in generating decent returns from it.

4.2) YouTube Monetization Solution in Jhapa 

Being a YouTuber is not an easy task if you are just starting. Are stuck on monetizing your channel to convert your views into dollars. with a long history of monetising YouTube channels and providing consultants to YouTubers to assist them with content creation.

We offer full solutions for YouTube channel management and rapid growth. Don’t get confused about content creation or run out of content ideas for your channels. We will assist you with

  • channel optimization,
  • YouTube channel monetization,
  • content creation consulting,
  • video editing and curation consulting, and
  • advice to be a decent YouTuber.

4.3) FB Monetization Solution in Jhapa 

You have a Facebook gaming page and want to monetize your gaming channel. The best way to monetize a gaming page on Facebook is to get involved with the Facebook Gaming Partner Program. We guide gamers in their channel optimization and help them through the application process. We ensure they are eligible for the partnership and can activate monetization on their channel. 

4.4) Live Streaming Management 

4.5) Facebook/YouTube Gaming Solution

Are you planning to do an engaging and professional stream across YouTube and Facebook? Live streaming can be an issue if you don’t have technical knowledge and experience with streaming software. A simple minor error can cost you a huge amount of time and get you into a stressful situation.

So, for passionate gamers, we have developed Facebook and Youtube Gaming solutions. We assist with a

  • gaming setup,
  • streaming management,
  • software setup,
  • professional layout management,
  • live chat payment setup and
  • profile management.

5) Graphics Designing and Branding services in Birtamode

We help companies stand out among their competitors and get recognized for their outstanding graphic design and branding strategy. We offer a variety of service specifications for graphics and branding services in Jhapa. Our services are as mentioned below. 

  • Graphics Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Company Rebranding in Tech

5.1)Graphics Designing

Getting a brand recognized and being consistent helps you easily get attention among the multiple bands on the market. Being consistent in the design and branding helps your organization save a lot of time developing new templates for the design. The research says that high-quality visuals increase the viewer’s interaction. With the proper help of graphics designing and aligning them with your company branding, your brand can communicate a good message to your audience and keep customers focused on your brand.

5.2)Video Editing

Making promotional videos and advertisements is not an easy task. Are you run a business and also have an online presence. We capture, draft, and present a story in the form of an awesome video. So your potential customers can be made aware of your product and generate decent sales from it. Video editing helps to promote your brand in terms of storytelling, and engaging videos and retains your customers on every channel and social media. 

5.3)Company Rebranding in Tech

Consider rebranding and updating your brand to reflect the advancement of time and consumer behaviour. Getting into the latest trends and being on time is the best way to convey your band’s message to your audience. Or you might have established your brand with some service. Looking to make a brand message broader, so rebranding your brand is the best way to keep up-to-date with your branding. Version 2.0 of your brand will help you get more attention and capture more attention than the previous ones.

Getting branded will help you get customer recognition. In the world of ads, when a customer recognizes a brand’s colour, theme, logo, etc., they are more likely to choose that product over all others. While branding also helps to increase the number of loyal customers and credibility. A simple example can be taken as that customers love to choose your product among similar products if your branding message is done right. Building goodwill through branding also aids in the long-term success of your business.

Final Words about Best Web Design Company in Birtamode

We are a full-service web design company in Birtamode capable of developing affordable websites for your business. As a leading website design company in Birtamode. We have worked with several successful clients and helped them go digital with our number one web development service, and so on. If you are looking for website development services, app development, digital marketing, or gaming solutions, do contact us at the given number. 

How much does a website design cost in Birtamode?

The cost of website development can cost up starting from 20,000/- to 2 Lakhs as per the requirements and features.

Which is the best web development company in birtamode?

TechSanjal is the best web development company in birtamode.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Application development can cost starting from 50K to 2 lakhs as per the requirements and features of the app.

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